Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Airhead and Being Nikki

Meg Cabot is brilliant. I know it's wrong to gush about authors and books, but I am such a HUGE fan and this series does not disappoint.

Em Watts is a (sort of) regular teenage girl. She considers herself to be a feminist, she fights the good fight for the environment and is against big business. She hates Stark, the big corporate mega store. Nikki Howard is a 16 year old supermodel with perfect hair and long legs. She happens to be the spokes model for Stark. During a Stark Mega-store opening, which Em's sister Freida has to attend, Em is killed by a giant flat-screen television that falls on her. At the exact same time, Nikki suffers a brain disorder and is killed instantly. Stark, not wanting to lose a great model, transfers Em's brain into Nikki's body. Unfortunately, Em now has to do a lot of things she hates, like model. She also gets all the perks like a cool loft in Manhattan, a crazy roommate, and a built-in boyfriend. Em has to adjust to everything in her life, including friends, family and her own viewpoints about the world to accommodate her new body. The second book has a great plot that turns into a mystery when Nikki's brother comes to town and Em finds out Nikki's mother is missing and has been for months.

Meg Cabot seems to also have something to say about the way consumerism and industry has worked over the past few years. She makes sly comments about capitalism and sometimes you can hear her views on how big business effects small town life. Meg definitely has a point of view on this and is able to express that in a fun and interesting way. You may not agree with her on this, and that's okay because she doesn't ram it down your throat.

Overall, this is a great series and I will be reading Runaway, as soon as a copy gets turned back into the library. Sometimes, it's difficult to wait.

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