Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Great Expectations: Howl: A Graphic Novel

I've been reading graphic novels lately. I'm on this librarian committee that chooses the best graphic novels for the year for grades 6-12. It's called the Maverick Graphic Novel Reading List. I thought it might be interesting to blog about one of the graphic novels we are looking at for the list. We have several that would be intriguing, but I thought something by Allen Ginsberg would be great.

I don't know anything about Allen Ginsberg. From what I have heard, it's poetry. I wonder how they will make it into a graphic novel. From the cover, it looks like it will be made into a movie. Again, I wonder how they are going to do that.
Now, I know it sounds like I have no idea who this person is and what he is about. This is one of the reasons I am participating in this blog. I want to learn. I want to read. I want to see what I'm missing.
If you want to see what other graphic novels I'm reading, follow this link and see what else is on the nomination list. We will have the official 2011 list out by December 1st.