Friday, April 29, 2011

Great Expectations: Airhead and Being Nikki

It's time again to start reading. Now that summer is almost here and the holidays are done, it might be time to start looking at some fun reads. I've decided to combine 2 books. I know what you are thinking, "it takes you forever to get through 1! How will you ever do 2?" I understand your concern. Fortunately, I've moved, so now I have a commute! You know what that means, don't you? Books on CD and downloadable books! Yes, all available free at my library! It's so exciting! This doesn't mean I'll be skipping my graphic novels, manga, and books that I can't get on CD, but it does open up a whole new world.

This week, I'm going to be "reading" the Airhead series by Meg Cabot. I use the quotation marks because really, I will be listening to the books. I used to be able to say that I had read everything by her and then she started just putting out tons of books! I think she publishes massive amounts every year. She has several series going right now. She did the Princess Diaries, the Allie Finkle series, Queen of Babble, Avalon High (my personal favorite), and several adult books like Insatiable.

From the cover of the books and the back blurb, it looks like Meg Cabot will be delving into Science Fiction. Em Watts and Nikki Howard somehow die and Em's brain gets put into Nikki's body. This wouldn't be terrible, except for the fact that Nikki is actually a super model. With all of Meg's books, there is mystery, romance, and teen angst, so I'm sure this brain transplant will cause some drama. There is a third book in the series called Runaway, so if it's a great series, then I guess I'll have to read that one, too.